Take a look at what Insurance Billing Outsourcing has to offer.


Our experienced team provides fast, accurate, and dependable claims filing with all dental and medical insurance providers. We stay current with the latest code changes and insurance trends to ensure faster processing and payment for your claims.


We provide weekly updates with total transparency, so you can see claims status and payments quickly and easily. Checks and electronic payments from insurance companies go directly to you.


We provide free prior-authorization processing and handle appeals, attachments, and letters of medical necessity. You and your team can repurpose time once spent on billing and claims paperwork to increasing patient satisfaction and revenue.

Proven value:

We require NO CONTRACTS for our service. Retain us to fill in for a vacation or maternity leave, so you avoid gaps in claims processing. Try out our full month to month service support and only continue if you are satisfied.

Peace of mind:

With Insurance Billing Outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about inconsistency, incomplete training, or work being left undone due to absences or turnover. Claims are filed daily, even when you have team members out sick or on vacation.