Dentist Administering COVID-19 Vaccines

Dentists see patients more routinely than physicians and are trained to administer injections. It only makes sense to utilize the dental practice to administer the vaccines to meet President Joe Biden’s goal to make “every adult in the U.S. eligible for vaccination no later than May 1.”

To become a part of the expanded COVID-19 Vaccine Workforce, complete the required training and register with your state or territory of residents through the Emergency System for the Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP).

Contact us for more information per CDC, which includes a Plan of Action and self-checklists. And see how this can be profitable for your office.

Thinking about Outsourcing?

Studies in the medical field show outsourcing insurance duties allows for more patient care and focus, reduces billing errors, saves money, improves cash flow, improves patient satisfaction, ensures billing compliance and increased revenue. The trend in dentistry is following and seeing the same results.

Currently, PPO fee schedules regulate what 85% of what dental offices charge. Outsourcing of tasks like bookkeeping and A/P, billing, and insurance tasks have proven to be more cost effective and deliver better results.

With services including verification of benefits on your practice-specific form, and insurance follow up calls, claims filed properly with attachments, and EOB’s reviewed thoroughly. Let our experience work for you!